Stranded in the remote cabin that was supposed to serve as a weekend getaway, recent high school grad Nick is on his own to explore the surrounding backwoods.
Unfortunately things take a dark turn when he stumbles upon a gruesome scene...
Accompanied by two new local acquaintances, Nick’s first goal is to uncover the mystery of what haunts the woods. His second is to survive it.
Unearth secrets hidden between the trees.
Solve a murder. Confront what awaits in the darkness. Whatever transpires, you’re guaranteed to be up all night.
Up All Night is a thrilling psychological horror visual novel featuring eight endings, 25,000+ words, original illustration, and a custom soundtrack.
The following gallery contains full game spoilers.
Up All Night is available for purchase on Steam and
Involvement: character art, background art, in-game illustration, story development, script editing, video editing, copywriting
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