Something lurks in the Umbral Forest, its wicked tendrils snaking out to reshape the very woods themselves. Is this the beast Israh Almasi seeks to hunt and slay for the sake of his dying son? Or something even darker and more sinister than he ever could have imagined?
Meanwhile, a mysterious man has made himself at home at Israh’s campsite. He calls himself Nameless… and he only comes at night.
Follow the red star to the Umbral Forest and unravel the mysteries within.
Nameless - The Departed Cycle is a dark fantasy/horror visual novel with LGBTQ+ elements. Make choices to determine Israh's fate, and strive to survive -- perhaps even slay -- the monster stalking the Umbral Forest.
The following gallery contains full game spoilers.
Nameless - The Departed Cycle is available for purchase on Steam and
Involvement: character art, background art, in-game illustration, story development, script editing, video editing, copywriting, UI design
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